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ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders

The ARC Centre of Excellence offers unique opportunities for interdisciplinary and international collaborative research in the study of cognition, its disorders, and their treatment.

Professor Amanda Barnier Professor Adam Zeman

Member Spotlight: Professor Amanda Barnier

Congratulations to Professor Amanda Barnier - a new Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia.

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Member Spotlight: Professor Adam Zeman

Associate Investigator Professor Adam Zeman keynote speaker at upcoming CCD Memory Workshop.

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Associate Professor Olivier Piguet Muireann Irish

Research Feature: Artistic changes can emerge after dementia

Results of a new study from CCD's Associate Professor Olivier Piguet reveal some good news for families of people with dementia.

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CCD ARC and NHMRC grant successes!

Congratulations to CCD members who have successfully applied for ARC and NHMRC funding.

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Professors Piguet and Hodges Muireann Irish

CCD Memory Program researchers relocate to The University of Sydney

CCD Memory Program research to be led out of The University of Sydney's Brain and Mind Centre.

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Member Spotlight: Dr Muireann Irish

Dr Muireann Irish awarded NSW Premier's Prize in Science and Engineering for Early Career Researcher of the Year and the Paul Bourke Award for Early Career Research from the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia.

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Group Photo from Workshop Text "Outside the Square"

Research Feature: Celebrating our Centre - 2016 CCD Annual Workshop

The CCD Annual Workshop brings together our Centre community to celebrate the research achievements across each of our five research programs.

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Outside the Square - Dyslexia Education and Advocacy Films

Professors Anne Castles and Genevieve McArthur feature in Outside the Square - a series of films to increase understanding of dyslexia in our education system.

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Demonstration of the Rubber Hand illusion Rebecca Gelding

Research Feature: 'A Night of Illusions' event - come along on 19th August!

CCD members feature in 'A Night of Illusions' event on 19th August as part of National Science Week.

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Member Spotlight: Rebecca Gelding

CCD student Rebecca Gelding selected to appear in the first Australian Soapbox Science event: Soapbox Science Brisbane 2016.

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Aerial view of people in a crowd Man with crossed arms

'Healthy bodies' best for men, but for women, thin is beautiful

New study from CCD's Dr Ian Stephen and colleagues investigates the role of body composition in the perception of attractiveness for men and women.

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It takes two minutes to change your perception of body size

Macquarie University researchers including CCD's Dr Ian Stephen finds that people's perception of body weight can change within as little as two minutes.

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Child using iPad app Stephen Crain with work experience students

Research Feature: Customised iPad language app brings lab to child participants

CCD Language Program PhD student Ben Davies is exploring how and when children acquire an understanding of English plurals. After developing a new iPad app, he can now take his studies outside of the lab.

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CCD High School Work Experience Program

The CCD has just hosted a group of students as part of its annual High School Work Experience Program. Thanks to all those that were involved in this very successful week!

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Professor Lyndsey Nickels Graphic of cogs in a human skull

Research Feature: New evidence for a cost-effective treatment option to help stroke sufferers speak again

New research from Chief Investigator Lyndsey Nickels and Amanda Osborne (Royal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney) finds that a lower-cost version of Constraint Induced Aphasia Therapy can be effective for people with aphasia.

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Apply now for the CCD 2017 Neural Markers Training Scheme

The CCD Neural Markers Training Scheme provides funding for projects investigating the neural markers of cognition (e.g., EEG, MEG, TMS f/MRI, eye-tracking projects), and that bring together researchers from across the five CCD programs.

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Anina Rich dyslexie written on paper

Member Spotlight: Associate Professor Anina Rich

Global Young Academy (GYA) member Associate Professor Anina Rich has just returned from the GYA's annual conference in The Netherlands.

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Research Feature: 'A special font for people with Dyslexia: does it work and, if so, why?'

New findings from research team including CCD Reading's Dr Eva Marinus and Dr Teresa Schubert on the efficacy of Dyslexie font in improving reading performance.

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Brian Byrne Family members sitting in group

Genes can have up to 80% influence on students' academic performance

Read more about genetic influence on academic performance in a new piece in The Conversation from CCD Chief Investigator E/Prof Brian Byrne and team.

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Correctly naming family members and friends is harder than it looks!

CCD Associate Investigator Fiona Kumfor and CCD PhD student Stephanie Wong discuss some new research findings on misnaming in an article for The Conversation.

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Graphic of cogs in a human skull Bee on a flower

Apply now for the CCD 2017 Cross Program Support Scheme

The Cross Program Support Scheme provides funding to support collaborative, cross program research projects within the CCD. Applications for this round close 18 July 2016.

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Research Feature: What can insects tell us about consciousness?

Research recently published from CCD AI Dr Colin Klein and Dr Andrew Barron (Macquarie University) suggests that insects may be capable of the most basic aspect of consciousness: subjective experience.

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Professor Martin Brüne 2015 Annual Report cover excerpt

Member Spotlight: Professor Martin Brüne

Welcome to new CCD Partner Investigator, Professor Martin Brüne.

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CCD 2015 Annual Report

Our fifth Annual Report is now available online.

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Graphic depicting a Neuron Microhones at a press conference

Research at CCD

The mission of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders (CCD) is to coordinate and conduct research in five areas of cognition: belief formation, language, memory, person perception, and reading.

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CCD in the Media

An up-to-date listing of CCD members and research featured in the media.

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