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ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders

The ARC Centre of Excellence offers unique opportunities for interdisciplinary and international collaborative research in the study of cognition, its disorders, and their treatment.

Older Adults talking Boy Coding

Losing my words not my memory

CCD members, Leanne Ruggero and colleagues share their research into living well with primary progressive aphasia.

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How do young children learn to program?

Dr Eva Marinus and colleagues are studying the cognition of coding in 3-6 year olds.

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Children reading Dr Nathan Caruana

Phonics Roadshow 2018

CCD researchers with FivefromFive participated in a Phonics Roadshow across the country in October/November.

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Member Spotlight: Dr Nathan (Nate) Caruana

Find out about the research Dr Nate Caruana has been conducting on social interactions.

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National Science Week logo Work Experience students

2018 National Science Week Wrap-up

CCD researchers ran numerous events during the National Science Week. Take a look at what they did.

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CCD Work Experience Week

CCD celebrates its final cohort of Work Experience students.

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Anne Castles conducting reading test Two faces

Mysteries of dyslexia unravelled

Professor Anne Castles explains how CCD-led research and the Macquarie University Reading Clinic are helping children with dyslexia learn to read.

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Cambridge Face Memory Test for Children

New tool developed by CCD researchers to test face recognition in children is now available online.

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Playing Chess IDEALAB thesis submission

New Faculty Research Centre for Scaffolding the Ageing Mind announced

CCD member, Dr Celia Harris, to lead Centre of research excellence in cognitive aging.

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Congratulations to Ella Creet and Alexa von Hagen!

Ella and Alexa are the first two IDEALAB students to submit their doctoral theses in Australia.

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Professor Castles Professor Yonelinas

Phonics in context is not enough: Synthetic phonics & learning to read

On 31 July, Professor Anne Castles participated in a public debate where speakers argued for and against this proposition. A recording of the debate is now available.

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CCD Public Lecture Series

If you missed the CCD public lecture by Professor Andrew Yonelinas about 'The promiscuous hippocampus: The role of the medial temporal lobe in memory, perception and emotion', you can watch it now.

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MRI of brain Music and math image

National Science Week event: What's going on in your head?

From 14 to 17 August at the Australian Museum, find out how scientists are using the latest brain-imaging technology and virtual-reality equipment to work out what's really going on inside your head.

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National Science Week event: This Sounds Like Science: Music and Memory

Join Professor Muireann Irish at City Recital Hall to explore the links between brain response and music for patients of dementia.

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Kids thinking Dr Ram Ramón Landin-Romero

National Science Week event: 'Brilliant Brains' are back in 2018

On 12 August, researchers from the Child Language Lab will be talking about 'Brilliant Brains: How Kids Learn Language' at the Festival Family Day at the Powerhouse Museum. Don't miss it!

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Member Spotlight: Dr Ramón Landin-Romero

Congratulations to Dr Ramón Landin-Romero for receiving the inaugural Appenzeller Neuroscience Fellowship in Alzheimer's disease.

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Professor Robert Savage Strangely lit hands

CCD Public Lecture Series: Professor Robert Savage

Professor Savage will speak about 'Optimizing early reading interventions for at-risk children' on 11 September 2018 at Macquarie University.

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Research Feature: Hypnosis can release people from their automatic behaviors

A new study by CCD researcher Dr Vince Polito and his colleagues shows that hypnosis can help overcome automatic behaviours and offer people greater flexibility in their responses.

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Professor Andrew Yonelinas Professor Gennaro Chierchia

CCD Public Lecture Series: Professor Andrew Yonelinas

Professor Yonelinas will speak about 'The promiscuous hippocampus: The role of the medial temporal lobe in memory, perception and emotion' on 11 July 2018 at The University of Sydney.

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CCD Public Lecture Series: Professor Gennaro Chierchia

Professor Chierchia will explain 'How grammar creates meaning' on 8 August 2018 at Macquarie University.

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Image of lights moving Music on stand

'Synesthesia: seeing sounds, hearing colours'

In this interview, Professor Anina Rich explains what synaesthesia is and how synaesthetes perceive the world.

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'Music may be key to returning memory to dementia patients'

CCD researchers Dr Amee Baird and Professor Bill Thompson explain how music can be used to help people with dementia.

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Girl reading Child with hearing aid

Research Feature: Beyond the ‘Reading Wars’; How the Science of Reading Can Improve Literacy

A new report authored by CCD researcher Professor Anne Castles and her colleagues emphasises the importance of teaching children phonics to establish fundamental reading skills in early childhood.

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Research Feature: Language development in deaf or hard-of-hearing children with additional disabilities

Approximately 30-40% of children with hearing loss have one or more additional disabilities. New research underscores the potential benefits of early intervention for these children.

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Depth illusion Work Experience students

National Science Week event: 'A Night of Illusions' event returns on 11th August

CCD members feature in 'A Night of Illusions' event as part of National Science Week. Get your tickets before the event sells out!

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CCD High School Work Experience Program

The CCD has just hosted the first group of high school Work Experience students for 2018. Thanks to all those that were involved in this very successful week!

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Word bubbles Guitarist

Research Feature: What is the easiest language to learn?

Dr Nan Xu Rattanasone, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders (CCD) explains.

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Research Feature: Understanding Death Metal lyrics

Researchers from the CCD and MQ Department of Psychology explain why some people can understand Death Metal lyrics while others can’t.

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Couple reminiscing Nan Xu

Research Feature: ‘Explainer: how is frontotemporal dementia different and what are the warning signs?’

CCD researcher Dr Stephanie Wong and her colleagues explain the different types of dementia and how to spot them.

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Member Spotlight: Nan Xu Rattanasone

CCD researcher Dr Nan Xu Rattanasone explains the importance of studying language learning, particularly in bilinguals.

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Soldier Clare Sutherland

‘Colombia: after the violence. Peace efforts in the country have ended 50 years of intense conflict. Now, scientists are studying former fighters and victims as they attempt to heal’

CCD researcher Agustin Ibanez investigates the impact of social isolation and conflict on ex-combatants’ moral judgments.

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Member Spotlight: Clare Sutherland

CCD research fellow, Dr Clare Sutherland, investigates how we form and use first impressions.

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Hands together in the centre Raised hands

The Inclusive Research Network (IRN) at the CCD

The IRN promotes inclusiveness in academia and society through monthly meetings.

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Research Feature: 'Autism advocacy and research misses the mark if autistic people are left out'

CCD researcher Liz Pellicano explains the needs for partnership between autistic and non-autistic individuals within the academic and wider communities.

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Brain image Idea drawing

Congratulations to the 2018 CCD Neural Markers Training Scheme winners!

These grants support collaborative research projects using a range of techniques to investigate neural markers of cognition and its disorders.

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Congratulations to the winners of the CCD Excellence in Research Student Award for Publications!

This award recognises the significant contributions that students make in their research fields each year.

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2017 CCD Annual Report Woman looking thoughtful

CCD 2017 Annual Report

Find out more about our Centre by reading through our seventh Annual Report.

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Research Feature: Understanding conspiracy theories

CCD researchers Colin Klein, Vince Polito, Peter Clutton and their colleagues explore the how and why of conspiracy theories.

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Children sitting together Child MEG system

Harmony Day Feature: Becoming bilingual

As Australia becomes more multicultural; the need to understand how bilinguals learn English grows. CCD researchers are tackling this important question.

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Child MEG helping to diagnose autism

The Child MEG that CCD researchers helped develop is revolutionising the diagnosis of developmental disorders.

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Woman listening to music Talking eggs

World Hearing Day: Hearing loss and dementia

Hearing loss can increase the risk of dementia in later life. This fact sheet prepared by the CCD, the MQ Australian Hearing Hub, and Dementia Australia tell you what you need to know.

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CCD researchers short-listed for Research and Literacy Education award

Congratulations to Danielle Colenbrander, Lyndsey Nickels and Saskia Kohnen on being short-listed for the prestigious UKLA/Wiley-Blackwell Research in Literacy Education Award.

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Researcher and child Talking eggs

World Hearing Day Research Feature: Hearing health and literacy

CCD researcher Professor Katherine Demuth and her collaborators are working with Indigenous children to understand how hearing impacts language and literacy skills.

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World Hearing Day: Loud environments impact on many aspects of our lives

CCD Researchers and colleagues suggest some ways to improve our daily commutes: Start by turning down the volume.

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Prof Jean Decety Prof Liz Pellicano

CCD Public Lecture Series: Professor Jean Decety

Professor Decety will share his insights on 'Empathy and morality: An interdisciplinary perspective' on 14 March 2018 at Macquarie University.

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CCD Public Lecture Series: Professor Elizabeth (Liz) Pellicano

Professor Pellicano will be speaking about 'Knowing austism' on 20 March 2018 at The University of Western Australia.

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Body images Nic Badcock

Research Feature: Our body image affects how we see ourselves and others

A new study by CCD researcher Dr Ian Stephen and his colleagues has identified a psychological pathway that can lead to body size and shape misperception.

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Research Feature: What makes a good learner?

A team of researchers led by Dr Nic Badcock is using neuroimaging technology to discover the neural markers of successful learning with the goal of helping people with learning disabilities.

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Language System brains Child talking

Research Feature: Do we need language to think?

A new study led by Dr Alex Woolgar shows that language isn't required for complex thinking and planning.

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Research Feature: How does oral vocabulary help kids learn to read?

PhD student Signy Wegener and Dr Anne Castles explain the complex link between spoken vocabulary and reading new words.

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Comic Sans Jason Bell

'What's so bad about Comic Sans, anyway?'

CCD researcher Dr Eva Marinus comments on the debate about how font and word/letter spacing impact dyslexic readers.

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Research Feature: Why people think they're thinner than they are

New research from Dr Jason Bell and colleagues explains why people are biased in their judgements about their body size.

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Professor Liz Pellicano Colourful synapses

CCD researcher, Professor Liz Pellicano, joins the Cooperative Research Centre for Living with Autism

Autism CRC has announced Macquarie University as an Other Participant in the Cooperative Research Centre for Living with Autism.

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CCD announces the 2018 Public Lecture Series

Over the course of 2018, a distinguished international scientist from each CCD area (Belief Formation, Language, Memory, Person Perception and Reading) will give a public lecture.

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Graphic depicting a Neuron Microhones at a press conference

Research at CCD

The mission of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders (CCD) is to coordinate and conduct research in five areas of cognition: belief formation, language, memory, person perception, and reading.

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CCD in the Media

An up-to-date listing of CCD members and research featured in the media.

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