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CCD Discoveries and Impact Showcase

23 October 2018, Macquarie University, Sydney


3.30-5.30pm followed by light refreshments


Australian Hearing Hub
Level 1 Lecture Theatre
Macquarie University


The ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders (CCD) was established through funding from the Australian Research Council Centres of Excellence Scheme, along with funding from Macquarie University, The University of New South Wales, The University of Sydney and The University of Western Australia. The Centre's mission has been to coordinate and conduct research in five areas of cognition: belief formation, language, memory, person perception, and reading.

Over the last eight years (2011-2018), the Centre has offered unique opportunities for interdisciplinary and international collaborative research in the study of cognition, its disorders and their treatment.

To celebrate the achievements and highlight some of the outstanding research discoveries from across the Centre, we invite you to join us for the CCD Discoveries and Impact Showcase to be held at the Australian Hearing Hub, Macquarie University on Tuesday 23 October from 3.30-5.30 pm. During the event we will hear from the five Program Leaders who will give an overview of their program's research discoveries and engagement with the wider community. We are pleased the Executive Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence Scheme, the Chair of the CCD Advisory Board and the Vice-Chancellor of Macquarie University - the administering node for the Centre - will join us for this special celebration.

Following the Showcase presentations there will be a cocktail reception to celebrate the successes of the Centre. It will also be an opportunity to thank Centre members for their contributions over the life of the Centre.

Invited Speakers

  • Professor S Bruce Downton, Vice-Chancellor, Macquarie University
  • Professor Laurent Rivory, Chair of the CCD Advisory Board, The University of Sydney
  • Professor Joanne Tompkins, Executive Director for Centres of Excellence, Australian Research Council
  • Professor Stephen Crain, Centre Director and Language Program Leader, Macquarie University
  • Professor Anne Castles, Deputy Director and Reading Program Leader, Macquarie University
  • Associate Professor Robyn Langdon, Belief Formation Program Leader, Macquarie University
  • Professor Olivier Piguet, Memory Program Leader, The University of Sydney
  • Associate Professor Romina Palermo, Person Perception Co-Program Leader, The University of Western Australia


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