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Seminar Abstract

Characteristics and usefulness of phonetic variability. (CLaS-CCD Research Colloquium Series)

Speaker : Distinguished Professor Douglas H Whalen, CUNY Graduate Center and Haskins Laboratories, Yale University, USA.
Date : 1st of March 2017, 2:30PM until 3:30PM
Location : Australian Hearing Hub, Level 3, Room 3.610, Macquarie University.

    Speech is well-known to be quite variable, and this variability has both impeded and informed theoretical and practical endeavors for decades. In this talk, I will outline aspects of the consistency of variability within speakers; re-examine the possible differences in variability in acoustics vs. articulation; and explore the possibility that variability has usefulness in establishing and maintaining flexibility both in production and in understanding the speech of others. New analysis methods that indicate that some variability at the kinematic level may indicate increased, rather than decreased, control at a higher level will be discussed. Overall, the new means of collecting and analyzing large amounts of data open new avenues for understanding variability in speech.

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