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Seminar Abstract

Profiling linguistic deficits across developmental language disorders. (CLaS-CCD Research Colloquium Series)

Speaker : Associate Professor Maria Kambanaros, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus.
Date : 26th of June 2017, 11:30AM until 12:30PM
Location : Australian Hearing Hub, 3.610, Macquarie University.

    This talk reports some of our research on linguistic deficits based on (a) receptive and expressive vocabulary measures, (b) a sentence repetition test and (c) a narrative retell task across developmental language disorders. The developmental language disorders under investigation are specific language impairment (SLI), autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Down Syndrome (DS) and 22q11 deletion syndrome (22q11DS). Each (child) clinical population provides a different perspective on language acquisition and impairment in terms of the relative strengths and weaknesses of certain processes or abilities based on the etiology and are defined as: (i) primary language delay non-linguistic cognitive skills are developing normally (here: SLI) (ii) secondary language delay language problems secondary to other conditions (ASD, DS, 22q11DS)

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