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Seminar Abstract

Embrace the random.

Speaker : Dr Chris Donkin, School of Psychology, The University of New South Wales.
Date : 19th of June 2018, 12:00PM until 1:00PM
Location : Australian Hearing Hub, 3.610, Macquarie University.

    Psychology is often focused on fixed-effects. For example, how well can people remember a word presented once, compared to a word presented three times? However, our experiments are also full of random-effects. For example, we generalize our conclusions beyond the particular set of words used, or the particular participants tested. I will present three projects where we use random-effects in a somewhat unusual way. In the first project, we treat experiments like a random-effect, fitting a model of visual working memory to participants from multiple experiments all at once. In the second project, we show that a particular sequential dependency in participants' responses occur across a range of different stimuli. In the third project, we treat most of the factors in an experiment as random-effects, in a novel take on multi-lab replication studies.

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