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Seminar Abstract

Hearing and cognition: The bigger picture.

Speaker : Dr Dona Jayakody, , Ear Science Institute Australia.
Date : 21st of August 2018, 1:00PM until 2:00PM
Location : Australian Hearing Hub, 3.610, Macquarie University.

Age-related hearing loss is a chronic health condition that affects more than one-third of the world’s population. The peripheral and central hearing alterations associated with age-related hearing loss have a profound impact on the verbal and non-verbal auditory stimuli. Eventhough, age-related hearing loss is still not considered a major risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, it is a modifiable age-associated condition linked to dementia and late-life cognitive decline. Furthermore, age-related hearing loss also increases the risk of late-life depression, anxiety, stress and frailty which in turn associated with further cognitive decline. The Lancet Commission on Dementia, Prevention, Intervention and Care has estimated that a third of Alzheimer’s diagnoses worldwide could delayed or prevented, with early intervention and changes to life style as well as utilising public health strategies such as post-lingual hearing loss correction. This presentation highlights the association between age-related hearing loss and cognitive health, mental health and social isolation outcomes of hearing impaired older adults and the impact of hearing loss correction on these functions.

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