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Mailing Lists/Groups

CCD manages a number of google groups for the use of CCD and the Macquarie Department of Cognitive Science.

Following is a diagram showing how the groups are nested. If you were to send an email to a particular list in the diagram you can follow the arrows to see which lists your message will be delivered to. List objects are also grouped to show who is entitled to post messages to each list.

All lists are Google Groups managed by CCD Administrative Staff in the Macquarie Uni Google Apps cloud. In general list memberships will be linked to an official status within the group that the list represents.

  • Rectangular lists only have other lists as members.
  • Oval lists can have individual addresses as well as other lists as members.
  • Dotted lists are not maintained by CCD Administrative Staff.

CCD Mailing Lists Diagram

CCD / Department of Cognitive Science Mailing Lists (click for PDF)

Are messages duplicated?

Google will not deliver a message to you multiple times if you are a member of multiple Macquarie ( google groups. If you are in a Macquarie group and also one of the UWA or UNSW lists (i.e. and ccd.uwa) you might receive multiple copies of something emailed to ccd.everyone.

Other relevant mailing lists

Macquarie Staff and Students can access a host more local groups in our Google Apps Groups Directory. These groups are not maintained by CCD staff but can be subscribed to from within the directory, please email the group moderators directly with any questions.

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