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CCD Postdoc Exchange Scheme

To promote and reward the significant contributions that ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders (CCD) early career researchers make each year in their research fields, up to two (2) CCD Postdoc Exchange Awards ($12,500 each) will be offered for applications from outstanding early career researchers for highly productive laboratory visits.

Our early career researchers will get the opportunity to participate in a national or international research exchange visit to provide them with additional research training and mentoring in their career. The enhanced research training and increased collaboration will benefit the successful applicants and enhance our Centre.

2018 Round - CLOSED


Congratulations to the winners of the CCD Postdoc Exchange Scheme 2018:

  • Dr Ryan Balzan (Belief Formation Program, Flinders University), visiting the Department of Psychology, Royal Holloway, UK
  • Dr Yong Zhi Foo (Person Perception Program, The University of Western Australia), visiting the School of Psychology and Neuroscience, University of St. Andrews, UK
  • Dr Robert Ross (Belief Formation Program, Royal Holloway, UK), visiting School of Psychology, Yale University, USA
  • Dr Clare Sutherland (Person Perception Program, The University of Western Australia) visiting Wellesley College, Department of Psychology, USA

Guidelines and Application form

Applications close

  • 11 October 2017, 8am (AEDT)

Final Report


Sonia Lee,

2017 Round - CLOSED


Congratulations to the two winners of the CCD Postdoc Exchange Scheme 2017:

  • Dr Amy Dawel (Person Perception Program, Australian National University), visiting the Institute of Research in Psychology, University of Louvain, Belgium
  • Dr Wei He (Language Program, Macquarie University), visiting VU University Medical Centre, The Netherlands

Guidelines and Application form

Applications close

  • 24 October 2016, 8am (AEDT)

Final Report


Sonia Lee,

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is awarded?

Pro rata amount up to a maximum amount of A$12,500 (based on budget submitted and length of time).

Is there a template letter for the Department/School/Centre that will host us?

What other things should I consider?

  • Do you require a visa and are aware of length of time to apply?
  • Have you obtained ethics clearance (if required)?
  • Does the institution you are visiting have a policy regarding visiting staff - does this require an official letter of offer?
  • Do you have travel insurance details and personal travel insurance if required?
  • Consider any risks or safety concerns and if needed complete your institution's risk assessment forms. For example, Macquarie University's risk assessment form(s).
  • Check you have contact details for travel security assistance schemes (if provided by your institution - for example International SOS).
  • Check phone roaming/data plans or local mobile phone alternatives.
  • Remember to advise your home department if you change your plans/accommodation.

Do I put per diems on top of this?

Per diems should be included in your total budget for living allowance costs.

Do I have to go to just one place? Can I do one week at one institution and another week at a different institution?

The intention of the scheme is that you complete an extended visit at one lab/institution that will benefit your research progress and the wider Centre, but applications will be assessed on case by case basis. Strong justification must be provided if the application is requesting numerous short lab stays.

Further Information

Contact Details

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