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CCD Excellence in Research Student Award - Poster

This scheme is designed to promote and reward the significant contributions that students make in their research fields each year to ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders (CCD) by recognising outstanding student poster presentations at the CCD Annual Workshop.

2016 Round - CLOSED


Winner best Postgraduate Poster

Signy Wegener, Orthographic learning in children can commence before written words are seen: a Evidence from eye movements (Reading Program, Macquarie University).

Winner best PhD Poster

Stephanie Wong, Learning to trust: insights from a multi-round trust game in dementia (Memory Program, Macquarie University/NeuRA)

Highly Commended Postgraduate Poster

Ana Murteira, Gesture observation effects on action-picture naming (Language Program, Macquarie University)

Highly Commended PhD Poster

Jemma Collova, Is there an own-race advantage for perception of gaze direction? (Person Perception Program, The University of Western Australia)
Tijl Grootswagers, Predicting behaviour from decoded searchlight representations shows where decodable information relates to behaviour (Perception in Action, Macquarie University)
Lina Teichmann, Decoding digits and dice: how long does it take to access the magnitude? (Perception in Action, Macquarie University)
Bianca Thorup, An own-race advantage for categorizing faces by national origin (Person Perception Program, The University of Western Australia)

2015 Round - CLOSED


Winner best Postgraduate Poster

Lina Teichmann, Long term associations and serial recall: Using synaesthesia to probe memory for sequences (Perception in Action Program, Macquarie University).

Winner best PhD Poster

Nichola Burton, The Timecourse of Expression Aftereffects (Person Perception Program, University of Western Australia)

Highly Commended

Rebecca Gelding, Retention of imagined vs perceived pitch: Brain oscillations of musical imagery (Neural Markers, Macquarie University)

Inga Hameister, Constraint Induced Aphasia Therapy in the Non-fluent Variant of Primary Progressive Aphasia (Language Program, Macquarie University)

Stephanie Wong, The self-reference effect in dementia: Differential involvement of cortical midline structures in Alzheimer's disease and behavioural-variant frontotemporal dementia (Memory Program, Macquarie University)

2014 Round - CLOSED


Winner best Postgraduate Poster

Amy-Lee Sesel, Remembering Together (Memory Program, Macquarie University)

Winner best PhD Poster

Sicong Tu, Accelerated forgetting of contextual details due to focal medio-dorsal thalamic lesion (Memory Progam, The University of New South Wales)

Highly Commended

Amy Dawel, Face expression processing and attentional cueing in callous-unemotional traits (Person Perception Program, Australian National University)
Kiri Mealings, Investigating the impact of intrusive open plan classroom noise on speech perception: A case study (Language Program, Macquarie University)
Manjunath Narra, Time course differences between bilinguals and monolinguals in Simon task: Evidence from reach-to-touch paradigm (Language Program, Macquarie University)
Nathan Caruana, Simulating Cooperative Interactions to Investigate the Neural Correlates of Joint Attention (Neural Markers, Macquarie University)
Sharon Savage, Words over time: maintaining benefits of word retraining in Semantic Dementia (Memory Program, The University of New South Wales)
Vana Webster, With a Little Help From My Fast Friends: How Intimacy and Divided Attention Affects Collaborative Recall (Memory Program, Macquarie University)


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