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CCD Style Guide/Templates

This page provides members of CCD with various internal information such as Centre stationery, templates, reports, policies and any other items of interest. Access is intended for CCD members only.


We have provided CMYK colour jpg versions of our logo, but please contact us if you require PMS/RGB/black & white/greyscale versions or different formats. There are two CCD logos: a long (in-line) logo and a stacked logo.

Long CCD logo

Stacked CCD logo


For compatibility across computers/platforms, we request that you use Arial font for the body text, and use Times font as a heading/feature text.

For official publications, such as the CCD Annual Report we will be using Myriad Pro and Garamond Premier Pro.

Colour Palette

Our colour palette is PMS 208, PMS 173 PC and PMS 7529. These colours can be used in software by setting the CMYK or RGB colour proportions.

Red: 10, 97, 37, 43
Orange: 0, 80, 94, 0
Cream: 0, 4, 12, 17
Red: 145, 20, 64
Orange: 233, 78, 29
Cream: 223, 216, 203

How to insert colours into the Microsoft Office 2011 Palette

It's possible to insert these CCD colours into the Macintosh Microsoft Office 2011 palette making them available whenever you need them. Select the font colour button on your formatting toolbar, and then select "More Colours".

This should bring up the Colors window, then select the "Colour Sliders" tab at the top. Then select the "CMYK Sliders" or "RGB" from the dropdown list, and type in the required colour proportions as listed in the CCD Colour Palette above.
For Windows Microsoft Office 2011 users, these colours will then appear in the Recent Colours list (below Standard colours).
For Mac users, please drag the large coloured box from the top to the colour ladder/slots at the bottom of the window (you can see the red, orange and cream below). Then the colours will be available for you to use in Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.


Please update the yellow highlighted sections with your details (updated Jan 2017). Please contact Robin Blumfield if you need a fax header template.

Posters templates

We have created six AO poster templates in landscape and portrait orientation (updated Jan 2017).

Presentation templates

We have also created a number of different versions of the PowerPoint template for your presentations at conferences and seminar/colloquia (updated Jan 2017).

Invitations and brochures

If you would like information about how to prepare CCD invitations or brochures, please contact Robin Blumfield.


Robin Blumfield, Executive Assistant to the Centre Director

Dr Lisa Yen, Chief Operations Officer

Further Information

Contact Details

Telephone: +61 2 9850 4127
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