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2014 News

Emma Nile Research Programs

Emma Nile, named an AMP Tomorrow Maker

Emma has received an individual grant to further develop, test and roll out her Our Stories program, a reminiscence program for older adults living in care.

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Research Programs

Our research focuses on five main Programs: Belief Formation, Language, Memory, Person Perception and Reading.

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Child Writing Text Professor John Hodges

CCD Reading Researchers open clinic to address learning challenges

The Macquarie Cognition Clinic for Reading is now open for business

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Prof John Hodges named in the top 400 most-cited biomedical scientists in Nature

Professor Hodges is one of the few Australian researchers to have made the list.

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Chris Roberts, Peter Dutton, Tony Abbot, Janet Greeley and Paul Schreier listen to Stephen Crain talking Mirko Farina

Prime Minister visits Cochlear Headquarters at Macquarie University

Prime Minister Tony Abbott, visits Cochlear Limited's headquarters at Macquarie University.

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CCD PhD Candidate Recognised for Research Excellence

Mirko Farina wins Macquarie University's Excellence in Higher Degree Research award.

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Professor Bruce Dowton, Distinguished Professor Anne Castles and Professor Sakkie Pretorious Professor Amanda Barnier

Distinguished Professors announced

CCD Chief Investigators Anne Castles and Katherine Demuth recognised as Distinguished Professors.

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SCEH Fellowship

Chief Investigator Amanda Barnier made Fellow of the Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis.

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Dr Fiona Kumfor Rebecca Gelding

Study on rare dementia helps map the emotional brain

A study by Dr Fiona Kumfor, Associate Professor Olivier Piguet and other CCD Memory Program members - published in the journal BRAIN - has found that individuals diagnosed with a rare form of dementia experience emotional processing difficulties.

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Rebecca Gelding, shines in Faculty Three Minute Thesis competition

Congratulations to Rebecca Gelding for winning the Macquarie University Faculty of Human Sciences' 3 Minute Thesis (3MT) competition with her talk entitled "Manipulating music in your mind".

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Professor Lyndsey Nickels MRI Brain

Lyndsey Nickels recognised for success in research and HDR supervision

Professor Nickels was recently elected as Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia and selected as this year's recipient of the Macquarie University Excellence in Higher Degree Research (HDR) Supervision Award.

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PhD project opportunities

Multiple PhD projects to start in 2015 are available in the CCD Memory Program at FRONTIER, the clinical research group specialising in younger onset dementia syndromes based at Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA)

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Genevieve McArthur, Minister Pyne and Anne Castles iPad with ACE app running

CCD Reading program researchers contribute to policy roundtable

The Hon Christopher Pyne, MP, Minister for Education invited CCD Reading Program Leader Professor Anne Castles and Chief Investigator, Associate Professor Genevieve McArthur to a recent policy roundtable on students with dyslexia.

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Free app to support the assessment of dementia launched worldwide

Congratulations to Chief Investigator Professor John Hodges and his team for the launch of the ACEmobile app that clinicians will use to aid the diagnosis of dementia.

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Radio Presenter Blake Johnson and Jamie Lee-Lewis

Social cognitive training for people with schizophrenia

A novel social cognitive training program for people with schizophrenia has been developed by a CCD team lead by academic and carer Dr Pamela Marsh.

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World's first CI MEG brain scanner switches on for first study

Jamie-Lee Lewis, daughter of sports legend Wally Lewis and Hear and Say ambassador, will be visiting CCD from 11 June for the inaugural clinical use of its world-first Cochlear Implant (CI) MEG scanner.

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Radio Presenter Distinguished Professor Stephen Crain

Belief Formation Researchers on All In The Mind

Associate Professor Melissa Green, and Dr Pamela Marsh are featured on an upcoming program of All In The Mind. Broadcast to air on ABC Radio National at 5pm on Sunday 11 May or 1pm Monday 12 May.

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Hearing Technologies Could Play Important Role in Delaying Dementia

New research into understanding how the brain adapts and improves its hearing abilities through the use of hearing technologies could play an important role in the future management of dementia.

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Australian Hearing Hub Professor Dorothy Bishop

Hearing and the Brain Symposium: Translating Research into Practice - 9 May

Satellite symposium to the World Congress of Audiology to be held at the Australian Hearing Hub aims to provide clinicians and researchers with current information about the interaction between ageing, cognition and hearing loss.

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Professor Dorothy Bishop Elected Fellow of the Royal Society

The Centre offers congratulations to Professor Dorothy Bishop who has been appointed a Fellow of the Royal Society in recognition of her work on developmental disorders affecting language and communication.

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Anina Rich at awards presentation Graphic of raised hands

Associate Professor Anina Rich presents 2014 Paul Bourke Lecture

Each year, The Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia honours Australians in the early parts of their careers who have achieved excellence in scholarship in one or more fields of the social sciences.

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CCD Stakeholders Workshop - Sharing vision for future research impacts

Leaders from community organisations working in the areas of autism, learning difficulties, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease, speech pathology and more joined together with key researchers at the CCD Stakeholder's Workshop.

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Neuron IDEALAB 2014 Participants

Excellence in Research Student Award 2013 - Publications

This program is designed to promote and reward the significant contributions that students make in their research fields each year to ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders (CCD) Read more »

Erasmus Mundus International Doctorate for Experimental Approaches to Language and Brain (IDEALAB)

Macquarie University is the first full partner Australian University of an Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate Program - a prestigious European funding initiative. Read more »

Professor Amanda Barnier Amanda Barnier with CCD Logo

CCD Chief Investigator recognised for exceptional leadership and achievement

The Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (SCEH) awarded this year's Bernard B Raginski Award for Leadership and Achievement in Hypnosis to CCD Chief Investigator Amanda Barnier. Read more »

Three Belief Formation Program researchers win prestigious APA awards

Associate Professor Amanda Barnier, Dr Michael Connors and Dr Rochelle Cox of the CCD Belief Formation Program's Hypnosis and Delusions Team won prestigious research awards from the American Psychological Association (Division of Psychological Hypnosis). Read more »

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