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National Science Week event: What’s going on in your head?

“She took a bite of her … banjo?” That nonsense sentence is actually a valuable research tool when coupled with new brain-imaging technology. Scientists measure brain activity while people do tasks, like reading, looking at pictures or listening to music, to determine which parts of the brain are engaged and how a typical person’s brain responds. They also use virtual-reality gear to gain insights into how we perceive and interact with the world.

Come along to the ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders and the Macquarie University Department of Cognitive Sciences booth at the Australian Museum to have the opportunity to try out the latest brain-imaging and virtual-reality equipment and see what’s really going on in your head.

Where: Australian Museum, 1 William Street, Sydney, NSW, 2010 

When: 14 - 17 August, 9:45 – 2.30pm

Bookings: book online

Contact the Australian Museum on 02 9320 6389 or email if you have any questions.

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