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Phonics Roadshow 2018

Phonics Roadshow speakers

The staff from Marsden Road Public School, Australian Christian College Singleton, Blue Haven Public School, with presenters Dr Jennifer Buckingham (second on left) and Dr Saskia Kohnen (right)

Over the last couple of months, The Centre for Independent Studies, in partnership with ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders, have hosted a series of successful events across Australia called The Phonics Roadshow. The aim of these sold out events were to enhance the knowledge of phonics and its role in the teaching of reading, and provide principals, teachers and allied professionals working in schools, the opportunity to hear from leading researchers in the field of reading development.

The presentations showcased the evidence basis for systematic, explicit phonics instruction with guest presenters from the FIVE from FIVE Literacy Project and from the CCD including Professor Anne Castles, Dr Saskia Kohnen, Dr Karen Smith-Lock, Dr Jennifer Buckingham and more.

Feedback from participants was very positive, with many taking to twitter to express their gratitude for the event, and how it helped them come to a greater understanding of why phonics works. The opportunity to observe the teaching of phonics in a classroom setting also provided participants with ideas for putting synthetic phonics into action in their own classrooms.

Special thanks to the host schools for opening up their schools for the events: Blue Haven Public School, Bentleigh West Public School, Ardtornish Primary School and Marsden Road Public School.

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