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Dr Iain Giblin


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Department of Linguistics
Macquarie University

Recent External Appointments

  • Colloquium Organiser, Linguistics and Philosophy, MIT. (2013)

Selected Publications


  • Giblin, I. (2007). Growing Up Making Music: Youth Orchestras in Australia and the World – Kartomi, M. and Dreyfus. K. [Book Review] Music Forum – Publication of the Music Council of Australia.
  • Giblin, I. (2007). Computers in Music Education: Amplifying Musicality – Brown, A. [Book Review] Music Forum – Publication of the Music Council of Australia.

Published Conference Proceedings

  • Giblin, I., & Steddy, S. (2015). Where’s Wh-? Cross-modal prosodic scope-marking. In M. Harvey & A. Antonia (Eds.), The 45th Australian Linguistic Society Conference Proceedings – 2014 (Newcastle, 10-12 Dec 2014) (pp. 173-191). Newcastle: NOVA Open Access Repository.

Conference Presentations, Colloquia, and other presentations

  • Meng, Q., Lis, Y., Giblin, I., McMahon, C., & Johnson, B.W. (2018, August). Effects of intelligibility on steady-state neuromagnetic responses to speech. Paper presented at the 21st International Conference on Biomagnetism (Biomag 2018), Philadelphia, USA.
  • Olsen, K.N., Giblin, I., & Thompson, W.F. (2017, April). Listener expertise enhances intelligibility of violent ‘Death Metal’ vocalisations. Paper presented at the 44th Annual Conference of Australasian Society of Experimental Psychology (EPC17), Shoal Bay, Australia.
  • Olsen, K.N., Thompson, W.F., & Giblin, I. (2016, October). Speech intelligibility of 'death metal' lyrics: Effects of musical expertise and genre-specific listener experience. Paper presented at the Inaugural Annual Conference of the Centre for Elite Performance, Expertise and Training, Macquarie University.
  • Crain, S., & Giblin, I. (2016, February). Introduction to Linguistics, High School Outreach Invited presentation given at the Gifted and Talented Extension Program Workshop, The Emanuel School, Randwick.
  • Giblin, I., & Steddy, S. (2014, December). Where’s Wh-? Cross-modal prosodic scope-marking. Paper presented at the Australian Linguistic Society Conference, University of Newcastle.
  • Giblin, I., & Steddy, S. (2014, September). Where’s Wh-? Cross-modal prosodic scope-marking. Paper presented at the Linguistic Association of Great Britain Annual Conference, University of Oxford, UK.
  • Giblin, I., & Steddy, S. (2014, January). Disambiguating the scope of in-situ wh-phrases with Telugu prosody. Paper presented at the 88th Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America, Minneapolis, USA.
  • Giblin, I. (2013, January). Text-setting and syncopation. Paper presented at the Conference on Stress and Meter to celebrate Morris Halle's 90th birthday, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.
  • Giblin, I. (2012, March). Long-distance anaphora, the PCC, and cyclic agree. Paper presented at the 35th Generative Linguistics in the Old World (GLOW) Workshop: Production and Perception of Prosodically-Encoded Information Structure, University of Potsdam, Germany.
  • Giblin, I. (2012, March). Long-distance relationships in Mandarin. Paper presented at the 36th Annual University of Pennsylvania Linguistics Conference, University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Giblin, I. (2011, December). Long-distance anaphora and the problem of cyclicity. Paper presented at the 50 years of Linguistics at MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.
  • Giblin, I. (2010, January). Music and syntax. Invited colloquium at the Seminar series, Harvard University, USA.
  • Giblin, I. (2009, June). Music and Merge: a deep formal similarity between music and language. Paper presented at the Graduate Linguistics Conference, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.
  • Giblin, I. (2008, July). Is music recursive? Paper presented at the Music, Language, and the Mind Conference, Tufts University, USA.
  • Giblin, I. (2008, June). Proust’s musical madeleine. Paper presented at the Living Memory Conference, Sydney.
  • Giblin, I. (2007, December). Music and the Art of War. Paper presented at the The Inaugural International Conference on Music Communication Science, Sydney.
  • Giblin, I. (2007, June). Why Music is Better than its Sounds. Colloquium at the Symposium on Linguistics and Philosophy of Language with Michael Devitt, Sydney.
  • Giblin, I. & Schubert, E. (2003, July). Moving average model of key change in the major key; implications for harmonic analysis. Paper presented at the International Conference on Cognitive Science, Sydney.
  • Giblin, I. & Schubert, E. (2003, April). The Bleeding Theory – Modulation and the Krumhansl probe tone technique. Paper presented at the Australasian Experimental Psychology Conference, Sydney.
  • Giblin, I. (2002, July). Naturalizing aesthetics. Paper presented at the 7th International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition, Sydney.

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