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Dr Philip Corlett

PhD Cantab.

Associate Investigator

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Phone : +1 203 785 2117
email :
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External Address

Department of Psychiatry
Yale School of Medicine, USA

Media Engagement

Selected Publications


  • Coull, J. T., Morgan, H., Cambridge, V.C., Moore, J.W., Giorlando, F., Adapa, R., Corlett, P.R., & Fletcher, P.D. (2011). Ketamine perturbs perception of the flow of time in healthy volunteers. Psychopharmacology, 218(3), 543-556.
  • Moore, J.W., Turner, D.C., Corlett, P.R., Arana, F.S., Morgan, H.L., Absalom , A.R., Adapa, R. De Wit, S., Everitt, J.C., Gardner, J.M., Pigott, J.S., Haggard, P., & Fletcher, P.C. (2011). Ketamine administration in healthy volunteers reproduces aberrant agency experiences associated with schizophrenia. Cognitive Neuropsychiatry, 16(4), 364-381.
  • Morgan, H.L., Turner, D.C., Corlett, P.R., Absalo, A.R., Adapa, R., Arana, F.S., Pigott, J., Gardner, J., Everitt, J., Haggard, P., & Fletcher, P.C. (2011). Exploring the impact of ketamine on the experience of illusory body ownership Biological Psychiatry , 69(1), 35-41.

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Telephone: +61 2 9850 4127
Email :
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