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Associate Professor Caroline Jones

BA USyd, PhD UMass.

Associate Investigator

Contact Details

Office : 1.G.124
Phone : +61 2 9772 6303
email :

External Address

The MARCS Institute
Western Sydney University

Recent External Appointments

  • Vice President, Australian Linguistic Society. (2012 - 2013)

Recent Grants Awarded

  • ARC Linkage Project [LP140100468] (2014 - 2017) "Learning to talk, talking to learn: Effects of an early childhood language program in remote Northern Territory indigenous communities." Jones, C., Escudero, P., Mattock, K., Sharma, M., Rosas, L., Everitt, P., Taumoepeau, M., Demuth, K., McMahon, C., Spiers, I., Wing, R.J., & Demosthenous, S. ($183,000)
  • ARC Future Fellowship [FT120100777] (2012 - 2016) "Understanding bilingual language acquisition in northern indigenous Australia: Phonological, lexical, orthographic, and family factors." Jones, C. ($695,450)
  • ARC Discovery Project Grant [DP0985395] (2009 - 2012) "Phonological development in child speakers of mixed language." Jones, C. ($230,000)

Selected Publications


  • Jones, C., Demuth, K., Li, W., & Almeida, A. (In Press). Vowels in the Burunga variety of North Australian Kriol. Interspeech.
  • Jones, C., Meakins, F., & Muawiyath, S. (2012). Learning vowels from maternal speech in Gurindji Kriol. Language Learning, 62(4), 1052-1078.

Conference Presentations, Colloquia, and other presentations

  • Buchan, H., Jones, C., & Meakins, F. (2012, December). Fricative variation in maternal Gurindji Kriol. Paper presented at the 43rd Annual Conference of the Australian Linguistic Society (ALS), Perth.
  • Jones, C., & Meakins, F. (2012, December). Phonological modifications in Janyarrp, Gurindji child-­directed speech. Poster session presented at the 14th International Australasian Conference on Speech Science and Technology (SST), Sydney.
  • Jones, C., Buchan, H., Morris , T., & Smiler, K. (2012, October). Talking to kids in Gurindji Kriol. Presentation given at the Kalkaringi Community Education Centre, Kalkaringi.
  • Pendleton, J., Jones, C., & Dixon, R. (2012, September). Successful word learning in children with language difficulties: Effects of phonological cues. Paper presented at the Australasian Special Education Conference, Perth.
  • Giumelli, K., Chandler, P., & Jones, C. (2012, April). Effect of split attention on grammar learning among children with Specific Language Impairment. Paper presented at the 5th International Cognitive Load Theory Conference, Tallahassee, USA.
  • Buchan, H., Jones, C., & Meakins, F. (2012, March). Variation in fricative production in Gurindji Kriol maternal speech. Paper presented at the 11th Australian Languages Workshop, Stradbroke Island.
  • Jones, C., & Meakins, F. (2012, March). Janyarrp: Gurindji child-directed speech. Paper presented at the 11th Australian Languages Workshop, Stradbroke Island.
  • Jones, C. (2012, February). Phonological development in child speakers of mixed language. Colloquium at the Linguistic Department Seminar, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand.

Further Information

Contact Details

Telephone: +61 2 9850 4127
Email :
Web :

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