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Dr Michael Iverson

BSE Iowa, BA Iowa, MA Iowa, PhD Iowa.

Associate Investigator

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Phone : +1 812 855 0032
email :

External Address

Department of Second Language Studies
Indiana University, USA


  • NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Award (2011), Iverson, M. On L1 Attrition and the Interface Hypothesis—A Case study of Spanish Attrition in contact with Brazilian Portuguese. PI: R. Slabakova; co-PIs: M. Iverson and J. Rothman. ($11,800)

Selected Publications


  • Iverson, M., Ivanov, I., Judy, T., Tyrzna, M., Rothman, J. & Slabakoca, R. (Eds.). (2010). Proceedings of the Mind-Context Divide Workshop. Somerville: Cascadilla Press.

Book Chapters

  • Miller, D., DeLuca, V., Berndt, D., Iverson, M., & Rothman, J. (2017). Subtle aspectual difference in the L2 acquisition of German: The case of pseudo-progressive AM+infinitive versus BEIM+infinitive. In E. Blom, L. Cornips, & J. Schaffer (Eds.), Cross-linguistic Influence in Bilingualism: In Honor of Aafke Hulk (pp. 207-230). Amsterdam, The Netherlands: John Benjamins Publishing Company.
  • Iverson, M., & Rothman, J. (2015). Object drop in L2 Spanish, (complex) feature reassembly and L1 pre-emption: Comparing English, Chinese, European and Brazilian Portuguese learners. In T. Judy & S. Perpiñán (Eds.), The Acquisition of Spanish in Understudied Language Pairings (pp. 255-280). Amsterdam, The Netherlands: John Benjamins.
  • Rothman, J., & Iverson, M. (2010). Independent normative assessments for bi/multilingualism, where art thou? In M. Cruz-Ferreira (Ed.), Multilingual Norms (pp. 33-51). Berlin/New York: Peter Lang.


  • Bayram, F., Rothman, J., Iverson, M., Kupisch, T., Miller, D., Puig-Mayenco, E., & Westergaard, M. (In Press). Differences in use without deficiencies in competence: Passives in the Turkish and German of Turkish heritage speakers in Germany. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism. doi:10.1080/13670050.2017.1324403
  • Giancaspro, D., Halloran, B., & Iverson, M. (2015). Transfer at the initial stages of L3 Brazilian Portuguese: A look at three groups of English/Spanish bilinguals [Special Issue]. Bilingualism: Language & Cognition, 18(2), 191-207. [Link]
  • Rothman, J., & Iverson, M. (2013). Strong islands and null objects in L2 Spanish of Brazilian Portuguese natives: Do you know the learners who drop ____? Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 35(4), 589-618. doi:10.1017/S0272263113000387
  • Rothman, J., & Iverson, M. (2011). Flexionar ou Não Flexionar, Eis a Questão: Infinitivos no Português como Segunda Língua (L2) [To inflect or not to inflect is the question indeed: Infinitives in second language (L2) Portuguese]. Letras de Hoje, 46(3), 28-43.
  • Rothman, J., Iverson, M., & Judy, T. (2011). Some notes on the generative study of L3 acquisition. Second Language Research, 27(1), 5-19.
  • Iverson, M. (2010). Informing the age of acquisition debate: L3 as a litmus test. International Review of Applied Linguistics (IRAL), 48(2-3), 221-243.

Published Conference Proceedings

  • Iverson, M., & Rothman, J. (2011). L1 preemption and L2 learnability: The case of object drop in Brazilian Portuguese native learners of L2 Spanish. In N. Danis, K. Mesh & H. Sung (Eds.), BUCLD 35: Proceedings of the 35th Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development (pp. 296-307). Somerville: Cascadilla Press.

Conference Presentations, Colloquia, and other presentations

  • Cabrelli Amaro, J., Iverson, M., Giancaspro, D., & Halloran, B. (2017, November). The role of dominance and age of acquisition in L3 development. Poster session presented at the 42nd Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development, Boston, USA.
  • Dekydtspotter, C., Gilbert, C., Miller, A., Iverson, M., Swanson, K., Leal, T., & Innis, I. (2017, November). An ERP investigation of domain-specificity: Clause-edge recursion in native and non-native French. Poster session presented at the 42nd Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development, Boston, USA.
  • Iverson, M., & Rothman, J. (2014, August). Extreme first language attrition: Replacing the notion of a steady state for a state of equilibrium? Paper presented at the International Applied Linguistics Association World Congress, Brisbane.
  • Iverson, M. (2013, November). Revision and repair in language processing: A replication study using MEG. Paper presented at the ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders Annual Workshop, Macquarie University, Sydney.
  • Iverson, M., & Rothman, J. (2011, March). Strong Islands and Accusative Objects in BP-native/L2 Spanish: Do you know the learners who drop ____? Presentation given at the Generative Approaches to Second Language Acquisition, University of Washington, USA.
  • Iverson, M., & Rothman, J. (2010, November). When L2 syntax is target-like and target-deviant at the same time: L1 preemption again! Presentation given at the Boston University Conference on Language Development, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
  • Campos, G., Cabrelli J., & Iverson, M. (2010, April). New evidence for the psychotypological transfer of morphosyntax in the L3 initial state. Presentation given at the Hispanic Linguistic Symposium, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana .
  • Iverson, M. (2010, April). On the L1 attrition and the Interface Hypothesis: A case study of Spanish attrition. Presentation given at the Hispanic Linguistic Symposium , Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana .
  • Rothman, J., & Iverson, M. (2010, April). On the typology and syntactic L1 preemption: Brazilian Portuguese speakers acquiring L2 Spanish. Presentation given at the Hispanic Linguistic Symposium , Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.
  • Iverson, M. (2010, February). L2 effects on a ‘stable’ L1 grammar: the L2 Brazilian Portuguese influence on L1 Spanish. Presentation given at the European Second Language Acquisition conference, Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Reggio Emilia, Italy.

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Telephone: +61 2 9850 4127
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