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CCD Members on Twitter

There are also a number of CCD members who use Twitter.

  • Nic Badcock - @nicalbee
  • Britta Biedermann - @meerwellen
  • Dorothy Bishop - @deevybee
  • Jon Brock - @DrBrocktagon
  • Anne Castles - @annecastles
  • Max Coltheart - @maxcoltheart
  • Eva Marinus - @EvaMarinus
  • Genevieve McArthur - @genxmac
  • Romina Palermo - @DrMeenie
  • Stephen Pritchard - @SCPritch
  • Gillian Rhodes - @gillian_rhodes
  • Hua-chen Wang - @Huachen_Wang
  • CCD Person Perception - @PersonPercept

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