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The ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders regularly hosts visits from academics, postdoctoral fellows, PhD candidates and undergraduate students to each of the institutions within our Centre. To find out more, please make contact with one of the Program Leaders of our Centre in the area(s) of your research interest.

Visitors to Macquarie University

The following information and links are for visitors to the Macquarie University node of the CCD. Visitors are expected to bring their own laptop and Australian convertor if from overseas. In regards to space, for visiting professors we aim to allocate a visitor’s office (if available) or the use of an academic staff members office if they are overseas.  For visiting scholars/interns, we are able to allocate space at a number of open area workstations.

Visitors to Macquarie can be generally classed into three types:
Short-term domestic visitors (< 6 weeks): 
These visitors generally just need an MQ ID for Wi-Fi access and library access if required, along with a desk. Please give at least 7 business days notice to arrange these for the visitor. 

Long-term domestic visitors (> 6 weeks):
These visitors need to be officially appointed through the University HR processes, in addition to their MQ ID and desk. Therefore we ask you to provide at least 15 business days notice for long-term domestic visitors.

All International visitors:
The visa options for occupational trainees (international visiting PhD students and postdocs), and visiting academics have significantly changed in recent years. Depending on the length of stay, we strongly recommend that international visitors are arranged with three months notice, as an any visitor invited to Macquarie University must be officially appointed through HR and many require sponsorship for their visa, in addition to a MQ ID and desk. [NB: Not required if they are only visiting for a day or two or to give a talk.]

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