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The mission of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Cognition and its Disorders is to coordinate research in five areas of cognition

These five research programs in cognitive science were chosen because they are well understood from a theoretical point of view and because Australia has outstanding researchers in these areas. Drawing on the expertise of prominent researchers from around the world, the Centre will integrate and coordinate research so that formal cognitive theory can better inform neural imaging research, and the assessment and treatment of cognitive disorders. In addition to the five research programs, we support Cross Program projects bringing together researchers from different cognitive domains through a Cross Program Support Scheme.

The CCD will advance theory and research in cognitive science, including models of cognitive disorders, the treatment of cognitive disorders, and the neural basis of cognition and its disorders. The CCD's interdisciplinary research teams will tackle several basic questions in cognitive science, and will implement intervention programs that will inform educational policy and practice, with considerable potential impact for the health and social well-being of Australia.

A set of interlocking research strategies will be used to achieve these goals:

  • The principal goal of each of the five research programs will be to further develop and extend theories of the cognitive systems involved in language, memory, person perception, belief and reading (e.g., norm-based coding of faces, the dual route model of reading).
  • These formal theories will be used to develop and extend accounts of disorders of cognition in each of the five domains, including both developmental and acquired disorders.
  • Knowledge about normal cognition and disordered cognition will guide the development and implementation of accurate and informative diagnostic tests for cognitive disorders.
  • Knowledge attained about normal cognition and disordered cognition will inform the development of effective treatments for cognitive disorders.
  • Theoretical knowledge about normal and disordered cognition will be used to guide more informed brain-imaging research, aimed at achieving a greater understanding of the neural basis of cognition and cognitive disorders.


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